“Using Coffee Grounds in Keurig: An Eco-Friendly Twist to Brewing Your Perfect Cup”

By bobbreich@gmail.com •  Updated: 12/01/23 •  5 min read

Using Coffee Grounds in Keurig: An Eco-Friendly Twist to Brewing Your Perfect Cup


The Keurig machine has revolutionized the way we brew coffee at home. With its convenience and variety of flavors, it has become a staple in many households. However, the single-use pods used by Keurig machines have received criticism for their negative environmental impact. But fear not! There is a way to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee while still being eco-friendly – by using coffee grounds in your Keurig. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using coffee grounds in Keurig machines and provide tips for optimal brewing results.

Benefits of Using Coffee Grounds in Keurig

One of the biggest advantages of using coffee grounds in your Keurig machine is that it reduces waste. Single-use pods generate a significant amount of plastic waste, contributing to pollution and overflowing landfills. By switching to coffee grounds, you can reduce your carbon footprint and be more environmentally conscious.

Not only does using coffee grounds help the planet, but it also offers more control over the strength and flavor of your coffee. With pods, you are limited to pre-determined amounts and flavors. However, with ground coffee, you can experiment with different strengths and flavors by adjusting the amount used per cup.

Choosing the Right Coffee Grounds for Your Keurig

To ensure optimal brewing results, it is crucial to select the appropriate grind size for your Keurig machine. A fine grind is recommended for most models as it allows for maximum extraction during brewing.

When choosing different types of coffee beans for your Keurig machine, consider their suitability based on flavor preferences and compatibility with your specific model. Arabica beans are known for their smooth taste and are generally a safe choice for all types of brewing methods. On the other hand, Robusta beans have higher caffeine content and a stronger flavor profile that some coffee lovers prefer.

Steps to Use Coffee Grounds in Keurig

Properly preparing your coffee grounds for brewing is essential to achieve a delicious cup of coffee. If you prefer the freshest taste, consider grinding fresh beans using a burr grinder. This allows for more control over the grind size and ensures maximum flavor extraction.

If grinding your own beans is not an option, pre-ground coffee can also be used. However, it is crucial to use a coarser grind size specifically labeled for use in Keurig machines to avoid clogging.

Measure the right amount of coffee based on your desired strength preferences and the size of your cup. A general rule of thumb is using one tablespoon of coffee grounds per six ounces of water.

Storing excess grounds for future use is also important in order to minimize waste. Keep them in an airtight container away from moisture and direct sunlight to preserve freshness.

Tips for Optimal Brewing Results

To achieve a perfect cup every time, here are some best practices when using coffee grounds in a Keurig machine:

1. Temperature settings: Ensure that your machine’s temperature setting matches the recommended brewing temperature range for optimal flavor extraction.
2. Water-to-coffee ratio: Experiment with different water-to-coffee ratios based on personal preference and desired strength.
3. Brewing time adjustments: Depending on the grind size and batch size, you may need to adjust the brewing time to achieve the desired extraction level and flavor profile.

Environmental Impact: Reduced Waste and Landfill Contributions

By using coffee grounds in your Keurig machine, you are actively reducing plastic waste from single-use pods. It has been estimated that billions of pods end up in landfills each year, causing significant environmental damage. By making this eco-friendly switch, you are helping to minimize plastic pollution and contribute to a healthier planet.

Additionally, composting used coffee grounds can contribute to sustainable gardening practices by enriching soil with nutrients. Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen, which helps promote plant growth and can be used as a natural fertilizer. So, not only are you reducing waste, but you can also enhance your garden’s health by repurposing the coffee grounds.

Repurposing Used Coffee Grounds Creatively

Aside from composting, there are numerous creative ways to reuse spent coffee grounds. They can be used as a natural exfoliant for the skin or in DIY face masks and scrubs. Additionally, coffee grounds have natural deodorizing properties and can be used as an odor absorber in refrigerators or as a cleaning scrub for stubborn stains.


Embrace an eco-friendly coffee brewing method by using coffee grounds in your Keurig machine. Not only will you reduce waste and landfill contributions caused by single-use pods, but you will also have more control over the strength and flavor of your coffee. Choose the right grind size and type of beans for optimal brewing results, follow best practices for temperature settings and water-to-coffee ratios, and consider repurposing used coffee grounds creatively to further contribute to sustainable living. With this simple twist to your brewing routine, you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee while making a positive impact on the environment.